~ Marshall Kastner DOD Representative

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​“Kristina Hoyer is the real deal. Her integrity and inspiration is unmatched, and her unique and authentic approach puts her on the cutting edge of health and fitness. But beware - if you’re just looking for another lifestyle coach, she’s not for you. I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone who wants to take charge of their life and truly live as healthy and happy as possible.”

~ Dr. Ann Vertel

   Leadership & Success Expert

"My (Re)Human experience with Kristina brought me past my physical and mental limitations. Not only was I able to apply her nutritional and fitness coaching to produce life changing results, but I was able to find my emotional center through her (Re)Human Intensive."

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"The moment you meet Kristina you’re infatuated with her incredible energy. She will always be the first to lend a helping hand even if she has no obligation to do so. Kristina’s extremely altruistic attitude goes beyond just work. Her devotion to help others with any problem, whether it’d be at work or at home, surpasses anything I have ever seen."

~ Marshall Kastner

   DOD Representative

~ Branden Kinman

   USN Veteran

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